Frame Helmet characteristics


Frame Helmet is a new carbon fiber protection for the XC Ellsworth bike range. Thanks to some tips, this protection is available for the Epiphany cXC, Evolve and Aboslute Truth, in all sizes (S, M and L). This accessory is light, aesthetic, safe and protective against rocks.
Six is the number of tips that I used on this frame helmet.Sans titre-11




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The waves are the masterpiece of this product. This was the first strong idea to improve the protection of the frame, especially, the down tube. This shape allows to create an empty space between the frame and the protection. The carbon fiber can be deformed in a reaction of the rocks and the frame will be intact.
To resume, waves allow:
– A better protection
– An original aesthetic



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The skeleton structure is a great technology to improve mechanical characteristics of the product. Thanks to this tip, the part is finer than a traditional protection, but still rigid.
In conclusion, the weight of the frame helmet is 29 grams instead of 41 grams.
To resume, the skeleton decreases:
– The weight
– The production costs (less raw materials)
To resume, the skeleton maintains:
– Initial mechanical characteristics












The pre-curving is mandatory to allow the compatibility between 3 sizes because the front frames are not exactly the same ones.
Moreover, the pre-curving is very useful to be sure to hold the part at the end, against the frame.
This is possible thanks to the carbon fiber flexibility.
To resume, the pre-curving improves:
– The compatibility with all sizes – A good fixing


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Slotted holes are very practical to adjust the frame helmet perfectly on the frame according to different sizes. It’s a supplementary setting for improving the good fixing.
Typically, the distance between 2 holes to assemble the water bottle cage is 64 mm.
Due to slotted holes, the user can move the part +/- 2 mm.
To resume, slotted holes improve:
– The placement of the frame helmet




Planche bottle cage compatibily

The frame helmet is compatible with all types of water bottle cage: Carbon fiber, aluminium or titanium.
It is possible thanks to a special shape carved in the waves.
To resume, the skeleton maintains:
– Water bottle cage compatibility




Capture d’écran 2015-07-26 à 23.35.45

The molded logo is the final touches. The advantages of this technique is the logo is permanent. No shocks, frictions, etc. can alter this Ellsworth logo.
To resume, molded logo allow:
– The permanent logo view


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