I’m Pierre Sauvageot, 22, french engineering student of the Technological University of Montbéliard. I am currently studying at the Technological university of Montbéliard, France and specializing in Ergonomics, Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering. Currently, as creative designer (graduation internship) at Dassault Systèmes, I am actively looking for new opportunities in mechanical engineering & industrial design.  I carried out my last internship at Ellsworth Bikes (San Diego, California). It was an awesome opportunity to complete my skills in mechanical engineering and improve my english.
My HND in product design & my training course with Multilpe Global Design, a Swiss firm which designs Nesspresso coffee machines have allowed me to develop my vision of design more particularly to focus on the needs of the client. My interest in drawing & design has become a passion. My hobbies, road biking and skiing have an influence on my work.I am reliable, creative and motivated, furthermore I am very keen on product design and manufacturing so working with you would allow to improve my skills in design.I am quite adaptable and eager to spend some time abroad.
EDIM (Ergonomics, Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering) department aims to develop skills in design, innovation, development and evaluation of products, tools and mechanical systems. Thanks to my last training in product design and this current one, I’m a futur mechanical engineer with industrial design and ergonomics awareness. To be a complete engineer with various connecting skills is an objective for me.
I’m very interested by a lot of industrial areas, especially about mountain & road biking and automotive. During my last semester, I worked with Airbus Helicopters and this field is very important for me. still practice regularly a lot of differents sports, including skiing (17 years experience), road & mountain biking (10 years experience) and football playing (15 years experience).
Moreover, I played 2 musical instruments, drums & accordion (15 years experience).




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